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Hey there, welcome to Keepin’ It Frugal

This website is dedicated to people like us who know there is more to life than working in order to feed materialistic addictions. It’s for those who want to learn about how to set financial goals and put in place meaningful plans for their future. And it’s also for those who want to take care of themselves, and learn how to be more present – for life, for ourselves and for others.

You’re probably here because you love some (or all!) of these topics as much as we do:

  • Frugality & saving money – in ways big and small, from buying less to making the most of what you have. From hacking the budget to finding new ways to make money work harder than you do!
  • Sustainability – minimising our impact on the world one step at a time
  • Goalsetting – whether personally or financially, get clear and passionate about what you want to achieve
  • Wellbeing – From self care to feeling good through movement. The inhale is just as important as the exhale.
  • FIRE – aka Financial Independence / Retire Early – we’ll share our journey of passive income generation, investing and more
  • Travel – meaningful experiences can be found anywhere – from around the world to your own backyard
  • DIY – getting handy around the home, learning a new craft or simply getting creative
  • Giving back – helping and empowering others

If the above values sounds like you, welcome friend! We hope you find our site useful and we’d love to know what you think. Leave a comment below or sign up for updates.

So who are we?

We’re Sarah & Laura – best friends, life partners and wifeys.

For the last six years we have been living life outside expectation. In 2015, we quit our jobs, sold our houses and furniture, donated a big chunk of our personal belongings and set off to travel the world. Our goal was to travel through Asia and Europe for 12 months, living out of a backpack and working on setting up our other blog We knew it was important to keep enough money saved to set us up on our return to our home town of Adelaide, South Australia.

Once we got back home and found our new rental, we decided to set up a business and gave ourselves three months to generate enough income to pay the bills. In hindsight that seems a really short amount of time, but we did it! And we’ve never looked back. But more about that later!

A few years ago we read The Barefoot Investor after receiving it as a Christmas gift. We had always been good at saving, but this book was a game-changer for us. As a self employed partnership on an average income ($55k each) we have been able to make a lot of his steps work for us.

Since reading the book we’ve:

  • Built a stock portfolio of $23,000 in under 12 months.
  • Saved $15,000 to pay for our wedding in cash in November 2019.
  • Changed our super over to better funds and setup recurring personal contribution payments totalling $12,000 ($6,000 each) per year.
  • Kept our savings rate at around 50% of our income (and our goal is to increase this more and more)

You can read more on our FIRE journey so far here.

Our most important goal in life is to be conscious and present:

Through living a life of financial freedom, we gain the power to choose our work, holidays and home. We do this so we have the time and clarity to be present to those around us, to play and be creative humans, so we can be our best for ourselves and the world around us.

More about Sarah

Sarah is our in-house numbers geek. She loves nothing more than optimising budgets and running numbers to see just how quickly we might be able to pay off our mortgage, or how close we are to achieving Side FIRE.

When she’s not in front of her favourite spreadsheets, you might find Sarah:

  • Teaching and influencing – helping others to grow and learn
  • Reading book, blogs and chatting on insta about everything frugality and financial literacy
  • Enjoying a good conversation with family or friends
  • Cooking a delicious meal – even if she doesn’t always follow a recipe (which definitely gives Laura the eye twitches)
  • Pottering around the house with her favourite impact driver – DIY is her middle name
  • Gardening, mowing or tending to our brand new worm farm
  • Travelling (or thinking, planning, dreaming or researching about travel).
  • Hiking the stunning trails of South Australia

More about Laura

Laura is our self-care advocate who loves learning more about presence through meditation and yoga. Laura loves appreciating nature, cuddling up with a good book on rainy days, cloud gazing, and getting creative with her hands through macrame and origami.

When she’s not tinkering with websites or editing tasty food videos for our food blog Wandercooks, you might find Laura:

  • Practicing a deeper connection between body and mind through daily yoga and meditation
  • Hiking with Sarah through the beautiful countryside
  • Taking time out for self care – learning about gua sha, enjoying a hot cup of tea, reading fiction or taking a relaxing bubble bath
  • Systems – oddly enough – she loves nothing more than nutting out more creative or efficient ways to accomplish a task or optimise our work days
  • Gathering with family and friends, chopping ingredients and cooking with Sarah
  • Travel and languages – Bahasa Indonesia and basic Japanese are her jam, and she loves throwing out a word here or there in a bunch of others.

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