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25 Frugal At Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

July 23, 2021 (Last Updated: December 17, 2021)

Looking for some out-of-the-box inspiration for your next date night? Here’s our BEST frugal at home date night ideas for couples, to keep you entertained without screens, interruptions or breaking your wallet.

Couple hugging at sunset surrounded by candles, facing away from the camera.

We love having an at home date night at least once a week. It’s a great time to ditch the tech, switch off the screens and enjoy being creative as a couple. Letting go, using your imagination, and just having fun and being spontaneous are great ways to deepen your relationship and find out more about each other!

1. Pantomime Night

Have a whole night using only silent communication. From cooking dinner, to explaining about your day – see how much you can tell each other without words.

2. Origami

Print off some instructions for some easy or complicated origami designs you can try together with any paper lying around the house. Get creative and use old newspaper, magazines, receipts etc.

3. Stargaze in the Backyard or Balcony

Grab a blanket or bean bag and head outside to stare up at the stars together. Talking is optional.

4. Massages or Back Rubs

The ultimate at home date night indulgence. Put a candle on or two and take the time to give each other a massage from head to toe.

5. Swap Roles in the Kitchen!

Try swapping roles by getting the other person to cook a meal usually made by you, and see what their take is like!

6. Have a Candlelight Only Night

Go full no-tech by only allowing candles on for the evening and spend the night on the couch or sitting outside and chatting together with a wine, tea or favourite drink and snacks.

7. Camp Out in the Backyard (Frugal Home Holiday)

Set up a tent or swags – or just a blanket if it’s warm – and camp outside for the night. (Don’t have a backyard? Ask to borrow a friend or family member’s for the evening. Or use your imaginations and make a tent fort in your lounge room.) Bonus points for those camping outside: Crank out the fire pit or camp stove to make a full night out of it.

8. Couples Meditation

Try doing a couples meditation session by sitting across from each other and practising breathing in as your partner breathes out for 10 minutes. Optional: do a yoga session after and take turns copying the other with different poses. Or amp it up with some acro-yoga for couples!

9. Do an Art Session Together

Set up some paper, blank canvas or get creative with reusable items such as wood, cardboard – anything! Then get out any mediums you have around the house such as pens, paints or dyes and create a piece of art for your partner. Have colouring books? Crank them out and see how your skills are going since your childhood days.

10. Cocktail Experiment Night

If you have a cabinet sitting there with a range of spirits – why not experiment by making each other new and weird cocktails for each other to try. Make a game of it by making the best (or worst!) tasting creations.

11. DIY Pot Pourri Or Room Diffuser Making Session

Find a container or bowl and make your own room diffuser or pot pourri. You only need pretty common ingredients such as cinnamon, star anise, cloves, gum nuts and essential oils. Build it to how you like, and have fun together along the way.

12. Write a Story Together

Grab a notebook and try writing a story where one person writes the first page (or first sentence!), then the other adds to the story and so on. Or, if you’re not a fan of writing – try reading a story or poem to each other. Act it out if you’re feeling extra energetic.

13. Bake Together

There’s nothing better than getting messy with flour in the kitchen together. Grab out a recipe book or print off a simple biscuit recipe beforehand and spend the night baking and then eating the tasty morsels for the rest of the night.

14. Make a Diorama of Your House from Recycled Goods

Now this is an activity for crafty creatives! Using what you can find, attempt to build a diorama of your house or if you don’t have anything to build it with – try drawing it together.

15. Upcycle a Piece of Furniture

This activity will require some preparation beforehand such as getting fabric, paint or borrowing a staple gun. Once acquired, work together to see how much you can transform something from trash to treasure. The chair below was out on the side of the road at the end of our street. It now lives in our lounge room and we couldn’t be happier with the result! For more ideas, check out our post on Frugal DIY.

16. Potting Plants or Succulent Pot Creations

If you have succulents or clippings you can make from plants around your garden – grab a pot or bowl, some new potting mix and get to work on a new mini garden. Succulents are perfect for this exercise.

17. Boardgames or Card Games

A classic, but so good! We often have board game and card game nights a few times each month together. Some of the best board-games for couples can last hours, and have great replay-ability.

18. Fix or Declutter Something Around the House Together

Don’t roll your eyes! Make a game out of it and write down 5 little jobs you’d love to fix or a small area such as a drawer or cupboard you’d like to declutter around the house. Take turns picking one out of a hat and work together on fixing it or sorting it. You’d be surprised how quickly you get into it, and how much it will increase your happiness levels around the home.

19. Make Music

If you have a guitar or piano sitting around – why not play it or sing together.  Not having an instrument isn’t an excuse! Get creative with how you could make music and why not even try and write a song?

20. Have a Long Bath

If you’ve both had a big day at work, there’s nothing better than making time to relax in the tub. Why not make a food platter for dinner and pop it next to the bath with a couple of glasses of wine!

21. Make an Indoor Picnic

Move around the lounge room and pop down a blanket, sparkling and a basket full of your favourite foods. For extra points, play a cosy fireplace scene from YouTube on the TV. Spend the evening sprawled out on the ground and live it up indoors for the night.

22. Reading (Physical Books!)

From the library, your bookshelf, or get inspiration here for a new read with our Reading List. Pick up some books and read in each others company on the couch or in bed over the evening with a cup of tea and maybe a sneaky biccie. These are our favourites!

23. Practice Gratitude

Write a few dot points in a gratitude journal. Or expand your impact by writing a few gratitude notes and delivering them around your street as a random act of kindness. This one is simple and for those wanting to do some feel good activities!

24. Be Kids for the Night

Why not play chasey or hide and seek around the house. Build a pillow fort in the living room with sleeping bags. Or perhaps… the floor is lava.

25. Play 20 Questions

No question is silly enough! If you run out of ideas, set questions around a theme.

26. BONUS: Try Making Your Partner Laugh – No Tickling Allowed!

See who has the most points at the end of the night!

Two women laughing and hugging.

Now you have some amazing ideas to stop the scroll, get out of the Netflix binge and jump into a fun date night as a couple! Take this precious time to be in the moment with your partner, check in and work together on different projects, activities or conversations, and it will do wonders for your relationship.

What’s your favourite at home date night activity? Have you tried any of the above? Tell us your stories in the comments!


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    Modern Fimily
    August 9, 2019 at 10:32 am

    Love this list and LOVE #23 in particular!

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      Sarah & Laura
      August 12, 2019 at 2:07 pm

      Definitely – I think I could do a whole other post just on ideas for paying it forward / random acts of kindness. 😍

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    January 21, 2023 at 9:59 pm

    Haha the floor is made of lava is an all time favourite

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